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Types of Scam Email
Avoid Getting Scammed




 The is the Scam Email Database! A database of email scams and other online rip-offs


Avoid email scams!  Have you gotten an email promising great riches from someone claiming to need help from you to transfer funds or

participate in a scheme that will yield you a large sum of money?  Almost as soon as email became widely used, it began to be used as 

a means to defraud people.  Confidence tricks tend to exploit the inherent greed and dishonesty of their victims.  Many people have 

lost their life savings due to fraud.  Don't be one of these people! If it sounds to good to be true it almost certainly is.


Popular Scams:


4/12/12 Microsoft Super Prize

4/11/12 Unique Business

3/29/12 Hello - Need Assistance to Transfer $30 Million

3/24/12 Mr. Driezen Adreas Hendrikus

Recent news about scam emails:


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SM Daily Journal 5/2/12 Woman scammed out of $70K

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FOX News 4/11/12 Law firm suing bank after losing $400G to Nigerian scam

KATU 4/11/12 Local couple hit with deluge of emails, offers in latest Craiglist scam

North Jersey 4/10/12 Check out this check-in scam

Komo News 4/10/12 First it was phishing, now 'smishing' is a growing problem

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Derbyshire Times 4/10/12 Warning to consumers after scam complaints increase

KATV 4/9/12 Don't Get Hooked: Phishing
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Dayton Daily News 4/7/12 Phishing, spoofing scams among top scams last year

MSNBC 4/6/12 Scammers lace up for London Olympics


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Our database of real scam emails:


5/2/12 Instant Compensation Announcement

5/2/12 Is Time to Receive Your Fund

4/28/12 Re: Consolidated Payment Notification

4/28/12 We Need a Response Urgently

4/16/12 Re: Reply Immediately

4/13/12 Message from The F.B.I. Agent !!!

4/12/12 I know you will be surprised to read my email.

4/12/12 Microsoft Super Prize

4/12/12 Your Email Address Has Won FreeLotto

4/11/12 Unique Business

4/11/12 Re: Choose an Option Preferably to You

4/10/12 Please Help Actualize This Dream

4/7/12 Hello From Captain Herman

4/7/12 Attention

4/7/12 Please be informed

4/6/12 Thailand Internet Lottery Congratulations

4/6/12 Your $10.5 Million ATM Card Shipment Update

4/6/12 Do Contact Us Immediately

4/5/12 Your Certified Bank Draft

4/4/12 Attention Beneficiary

4/1/12 Contact DHL Delivery Contact For Your package

4/1/12 Assistance Needed

3/29/12 Your winning number ECWS09788

3/29/12 Hello - Need Assistance to Transfer $30 Million

3/29/12 From FBI - We Need Proof of Fund

3/28/12 Attn: Beneficiary Payment Via ATM Smart Card

3/28/12 2012 Lucky Winner

3/28/12 Your ATM Card Parcel

3/26/12 Call: (800)-432-1000

3/25/12 Nigerian Compensation Award House

3/25/12 Mrs. Jackson is Trying to Steal Your Millions

3/25/12 You Won $2,000,000 Lottery

3/25/12 $5000 Daily from Western Union

3/24/12 Mr. Driezen Adreas Hendrikus



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We do not recommend that you answer any scam email or engage any scammer with any communication whatsoever.



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